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    Discovering God and Impacting our Community

Sunday Services at ISBC

10 am Worship, Communion and Teaching

10:50 Children go out for Oasis club (Sunday School),

J-kids and Bible Class; Bible teaching for adults.

Bible Teaching follows a planned sequence, with a variety of speakers. Bring your Bible!

11:40 Morning tea

Sermon files


 December 10th
Lyn Flett - Reflection on recent time in El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica

 December 3rd
Seton Brown - Christ-mess - Finding Hope in the Birth of Christ

 November 26th
Ps Kinyua Kathuri - John 4:1-42: MOVE-EMBER - Conversations That Matter

 November 19th
Michael Duncan - Luke 10:25-37: MOVE-EMBER - Loving & Serving my Neighbour

 November 12th
Mick Duncan - Luke 10:25-37: MOVE-EMBER - Who is My Neighbour?

 November 5th
Rev. Steve Maina - Matthew 9:35-38: MOVE-EMBER - Finding My Place in His Nation

 October 29th
Chris Moffat - Joshua 24: Facing the Future - Who Will Serve the Lord

 October 15th
Leigh Harvey - Joshua 23: Facing the Future - Good Advice

 October 08th
Ps Kinyua Kathuri - Joshua 9: Facing the Future - Deceived

 October 1st
Ps Kinyua Kathuri - Joshua 7 - 8: Facing the future - Together We Rise and Fall

 September 24th
Ps Kinyua Kathuri - Matthew 19:16-30: Let your kingdom come - Done it. Have it. Give it? Grief.

 September 17th
Keegan Easton - Matthew 18:21-35: Let your kingdom come: Deserved it. Didn't deserve it.

 September 3rd
Robert Scott - Luke 15:11-32: Father's Day - Extravagant Father

 November 27th
Gerald Cogan - Matthew 13:44-46: Let your kingdom come: The Hidden Treasure & The Pearl

 August 20th
Roger McLeay - Matthew 13:31-35: Let Your Kingdom Come: The Mustard Seed & The Yeast

 August 13th
Due to technical difficulties this weeks sermon will not be available. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Ps Kinyua Kathrui - Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43: Let Your Kingdom Come: The Wheat and Weeds

 August 6th
Ps Kinyua Kathuri - Matthew 13:1-23: God's word: What's your response?

 July 30th
Baden Brown - Matthew 7:13-29: The King's Speech: A Foundation That Endures

 July 23rd
Leigh Harvey - Matthew 7:7-12: The King's Speech: Ask, Seek, Knock

 July 16th
Ps Kinyua Kathuri - Matthew 7:1-6: The King's Speech: Judging others

 July 2nd
Sharon Corrigan - Matthew 6:19-34: The King's Speech: Self-Sufficiency vs God's Provision

 June 25th
The King's Speech: The Road Less Travelled

June 18th
Tim Ryder - Matthew 5:38-48: The King's Speech: Jesus, you want me to do what‽

 June 11th
Ps Kinyua Kathrui - Matthew 19: The King's Speech: What about divorce?

 June 5th
Ps Kinyua Kathrui - Matthew 5:27-30: The King's Speech: Jesus on Lust

 May 28th
Peter Davis - Matthew 6:12-15: The King's Speech: Pardon & Protection

 May 21st
Roger Mcleay - Matthew 6:11: The King's Speech: Provision

 May 14th
Ps Alice Kathuri - Matthew 6:9-10: The King's Speech: Praise & Purpose










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